About The Writer

Stubby is a sports betting enthusiast and has been in the game for more than five years now, he considers himself a lucky player – making high stake wins most of the time. Stubby’s favorite sport to bet on is football, although he also does bet on other sports like horse racing, cricket and rugby. Stubby is a seasoned gambler when it comes to sports betting, he is aware of the 50/50 win-loss ratio in gambling – but he keeps a positive attitude and always look at the glass half-full. This optimism is his ultimate secret as he believes in the law of attraction – a positive mindset will only attract positive things.

Stubby established this site in 2019 and within months he has created a loyal following especially on social media, he makes vlogs once in a while when he has the time and wherever he goes, his fans are usually there. He’s considered a lucky charm among his sport-betting fans and there’s probably a very good reason to it. Welcome to Stubby’s Football Betting.

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