How Big A Business Is Football Gambling?

Global sports betting is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The advent of the internet has caused a surge in popularity, which means a surge in potential earnings for both bettors and sportsbooks. Football gambling (judi bola) is no exception – in fact, it may be the rule.

How big is the sports betting market?

The overall size of the sports betting market can’t be easily estimated due to inconsistent record-keeping and regulations worldwide. However, there are ballpark estimates that can provide a baseline idea of how large the industry as a whole is.

The estimated market capitalization of legal international sports betting is estimated to be over $300 billion annually. As of 2018, licensed online sportsbooks – legitimate agencies – controlled a chunk of this market worth over $40 billion.

Illegal sports betting is also big money, with many illegal sites and bookkeepers running out of Asian countries. Illegal sports betting, as well as the match-fixing that can accompany it, is thought to be worth hundreds of millions to billions of dollars annually, though an exact number is hard to pinpoint.

Football Gambling

The current estimate of legal and illegal sports betting is valued anywhere from $700 billion dollars to $1 trillion dollars annually. A cool 70% of this value, $490 billion to $700 billion, is credited to football bets alone.

In Europe especially, football betting is big money. Licensed bookies around the globe offer over 200 different markets, and the bets that can be made are wide-ranging. Possible bets include:

  • The correct score
  • Number of total goals made
  • First and final goalscorers
  • The potential for a sending-off
  • Halftime scores
  • Penalties – which ones and on which teams
  • Hat tricks

Some of these markets offer these bets to be made at specific times or within specific timeframes. With the advent of the internet in football gambling, “in-running” betting is also common. This is where bettors can stake money on the immediate next actions, such as the next goal, penalty, or goalscorer.

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