How Different Countries Handle Football Violence

Football or soccer is one of the most famous sport and is considered to be a major sport around the world. You would know because it has one of the biggest fan bases ever. This is one of the few sports out there that people would rush into a stadium and fill up the actual place. You can enjoy the show and you would know that the game is getting better when a lot of yelling and trash-talking is happening

Crazy Fan Base

This is considered to be a full-contact sport. It has a great fan base and with that being said, it means that fans would go all the way for their team. There is a lot of violence happening outside the stadium and a lot of trash-talking between competitors. There are several dozen other reasons why you have to love the game but this is one of the few of them. The competitiveness of the sport is second to none. Especially when it comes to the playoffs. The fans are just getting crazier and crazier.

Global Sport

As time passes, this has become a global sport. However, the downside with this is that football violence has increased as its popularity increases as well. Fans are more aggressive when it comes to the team that they are cheering for. Have you heard of incidents wherein there was a fight that transpired outside or after the game because of a disagreement about football? Well, in this case, it has become normal for some countries.

Some countries are not that violent and simply considers it a sport. However, some countries are going all out when it comes to winning or doing something for their team. The support their team in and out. Some countries already got used to football violence. They usually have a spot or place for them to go all out and not bother any other individuals. Every country is different given the kind of culture that they have.

A good example would be Asians. Football is not as big as basketball in Asia. Plus, most Asians are not that violent when it comes to their sports results. What I mean with this is that if their player wins or loses, they will consider it a win or a loss. Nothing more. They would support the battle on the actual venue or the actual contest. However, anything that goes beyond that, they can’t care less. This is not the same as the other countries. Some countries are big on football and they can be extra violent with some of the results. There are times wherein a call can be questionable and you see fans running towards to referee or other team’s player and hitting them with something. There are a few more examples to prove this point but we all get the picture.

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